CIRCA 1983
The Photography of Owen Perry

Rocky Mountain Bikes

Legendary Canadian mountain bike company, Rocky Mountain, approached me to contribute to the launch of their first trail journal. The high quality book / magazine marks their 35th anniversary with select photography and words from some of British Columbia's most renowned photographers. I was honoured to contribute a set of photography called 'The Elements of BC' that highlights why BC continues to be a mecca for mountain bikers around the world.

rockymountain-DSC_7283-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7295-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7302-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7316-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7320-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7311-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7309-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
rockymountain-DSC_7307-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983-2.jpg