CIRCA 1983
The Photography of Owen Perry


I can still remember shooting astrophotography for the first time with a DSLR. While struggling to stay warm on a frozen Alta Lake in the depths of winter, I simply couldn’t believe what I was seeing out of the camera’s LCD. While barely perceivable to the human eye, the screen displayed the unmistakeable green and purple glow of the Aurora Borealis. From that point on I was enamoured with astrophotography and the night sky.

In the autumn of 2016 I made a trip to Kluane National Park and was fortunate to experience the most intense shows of Northern Lights in my life. Over a period of a week I stayed out until the early hours of the morning to watch and capture the following set of photography.

yukon-DSC_3557-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
kluane-DSC_3472-Edit-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
yukon-DSC_3587-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
yukon-DSC_3391-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983-3.jpg
yukon-DSC_3470-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983-2.jpg
aurora-DSC_3594-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
yukon-DSC_3576-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983-2.jpg
yukon-DSC_3599-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
kluane-DSC_4039-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
kluane-DSC_4060-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
kluane-DSC_4002-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg
aurora-DSC_4096-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983-3.jpg
aurora-DSC_4107-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983-3.jpg
aurora-DSC_4091-Owen Perry & CIRCA 1983.jpg